Counselling Placement Service

Counselling and Psychotherapy Placement Service

CCH coordinates a Counselling Placement Service that was originally established in partnership with the MindBody Therapy Centre as a small project for trainee counsellors and now runs in partnership with Therapy4Healing ( With increased demand from the local community and cutbacks in statutory provision, CCH have expanded so as to reach more placement applicants. CCH has its head office in London Bridge and currently operates its counselling services in partnership with the MindBody Therapy Centre in Forest Hill, the StillPoint Centre in Liverpool Street, the Psychosynthesis & Education Trust in London Bridge and Poplar Harca. We offer clinical placements for trainees on accepted training courses, providing both a low cost and a free counselling service for the community at large. We select suitably qualified, talented counsellors and psychotherapists to help us create a safe therapeutic environment and we take the welfare of our clients very seriously. Similarly to all the services we fund, those hoping to access the service will need to be on benefits or a low income.

A course of counselling enables a client to focus on the psychological impact that their experiences may be having on them. The therapist and the client will build up a personal and trusting relationship with one-another, and during this process, the mental health and sense of well-being of the client may be vastly improved.

If you would like to know more about this service, want counselling yourself, or are enquiring on behalf of someone else, please contact Gregg Palmer, at All correspondence will be treated confidentially.

Note to trainees: Although we do have qualified counsellors in the service, it is not guaranteed that there will be places available when you qualify. As such the placement must be seen specifically as a training placement.

More details about the placement service and our placement handbook are available by contacting Gregg Palmer on


Therapy4Healing (T4H) is a social enterprise promoting health and well being; education and personal development. T4H are based in the London Borough of Lewisham but work throughout London and the South East delivering their services and programs to individuals, groups, companies and partner companies.

Their Aim:

To offer individuals 1-2-1 complementary therapies, group personal development and educational workshops and counselling, through a holistic health framework, which enables individuals, families and groups of all abilities to increase their confidence and be functional in all areas of their lives.

Poplar Harca

We have partnered with Poplar Harca to provide weekly, one hour free counselling to their local residents and workers.

(from Poplar Harca’s website:

Poplar HARCA (Housing and Regeneration Community Association) is a registered social landlord.

We own and manage around 9,000 homes in Poplar, East London; the majority of these were transferred from the London Borough of Tower Hamlets back in 1998. Since then, we have refurbished all those homes and built almost 1,000 new ones.

We are working with the local community and our partners to make Poplar a better place to live.

Our mission

To make Poplar a place where people choose to live, work and enjoy life.

Our vision

Poplar is an area where residents feel proud to live.
Our vision for Poplar HARCA is that we are seen by others as a key catalyst; the vehicle that can bring about change and make things happen in Poplar. We want to be seen as an innovative and progressive organisation that leads the way and is prepared to take risks if we feel something is worth doing.

The Mind Body Group

CCH is in partnership with The MindBody Group, a complementary health therapy based company, which houses the following businesses:

  • The MindBody Therapy Centre – based in Forest Hill, SE23 within Energie Fitness Club
  • The MindBody Team of Therapists – a group of therapists and well being professionals
  • MindBody Beauty
  • One Energy Workshops

The MindBody Group are part of the therapy arm of CCH and its members are all fully qualified therapists. To quote Devon Burke who is one of the founders of the Group:

“All the Therapists in our centre/teams are fully qualified in their discipline, fully insured and where applicable, members of their complementary association. They are here to offer you a premium service. We are delighted when our clients leave the centre (or we leave people at a company, club or school) feeling like they not only got value for money but also a treatment worth speaking about and sharing with others.”

Separate from The MindBody Groups’s normal practice and other community work, they have started the MindBody AM low cost clinic at the centre, in partnership with CCH. As a partnership we also work in other areas of London to enhance the health and well being in local communities. We provide therapeutic treatments for those who are suffering in the community but cannot afford treatment. It is the intention of The MindBody Group to use their skills to reach the lives of people with disabilities, life-threatening conditions and long-term conditions, as well as those in less threatening circumstances. This partnership is a great step forward in the fulfilment of this intention and both parties look forward to continuing a long and successful relationship.

For more information please visit:
The MindBody Therapy Centre Home Page
The MindBody Group
The MindBody Group Therapists